07 May

Consideration before plastic surgery should consider several factors including motivation, financial situation, and even if the patient intends to have children soon suggests the plastic surgeon in Delhi. Surgeries are not contraindicated for those planning a pregnancy, but there are procedures that may have their results compromised by pregnancy.

In this way, knowing the options for plastic surgery for those who do not intend to have children guarantees the right choice for patients.

Plastic surgery options for those who do not intend to have children

With medical advice, any plastic surgery is possible, regardless of the patient’s maternity wishes. However, as the plastic surgeon in Rohini says, some plastic surgeries can have their results compromised by a pregnancy, being more suitable for those who no longer intend to have children.

If you are looking forward to procedures like rhinoplasty, facelift, mentoplasty, and others, pregnancy does not influence the results in these cases. The options indicated for those who do not wish to become pregnant are those with the most significant body changes. Check it out below.


Many women have a mammoplasty before becoming pregnant and there is no problem, as long as the surgery takes place about 12 months before conception and there is time for complete healing of the region.

However, breastfeeding can influence the aesthetics of the breasts in patients who have previously had a breast implant, resulting in a more flaccid appearance if there is a high production of milk and, consequently, an increase in the mammary glands.

Breast reduction surgery in Delhi for women who do not intend to have children has a considerably lower risk of sagging. Patients interested in reduction mammoplasty should also seek guidance from the plastic surgeon in Pitampura so that the procedure does not interfere with future breastfeeding.


A more complex plastic surgery is liposuction, which aims to remove localized fat deposits. Although it can be performed in different regions, it is most common on the abdomen, flanks, and back.

In the long term, the results of liposuction directly depend on the maintenance of the patient’s weight and, since pregnancy influences weight gain, it can compromise the results.

Thus, patients who do not plan to become pregnant are better candidates for liposuction in Delhi considering the long-term maintenance of the results of the surgery. Despite this, other factors can influence weight gain other than pregnancy, such as hormonal disorders, diet, and sedentary lifestyle.

Just like traditional liposuction, varied techniques such as liposculpture and HD lipo also face the same limitations.

Tummy tuck

One of the recommendations of abdominoplasty is for women who have abdominal flaccidity or diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles, even if they have never had a pregnancy.

Thus, although this does not make a future pregnancy unfeasible, the results of plastic surgery can be lost, especially if there is a significant weight gain.

The focus of tummy tuck in Delhi is the removal of excess skin that can be caused by pregnancies, considerable weight loss, or people with a tendency to sagging in the abdominal region.

Therefore, although plastic surgeries do not harm the pregnancy if you change your mind, some of them are more recommended for those who do not intend to have children due to the long-term results. 

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